More space cleared, first backdrops up

Another test shot with a great cloth backdrop – a kind of psychedelic rococo pattern – and Blue, the mannequin. I put the banana in there in post.

I finally got the landlord to come over and help move out the display case that was where I want the natural light shooting area to be. I hung a backdrop and shot a picture, top upper right. There is lovely light in the afternoon as well. It seems a little brighter. I can’t wait to get a real photographer in here to do a bunch of test shots. I also hung a grey backdrop in the artificial lighting area & took a picture. For reference, that backdrop is nine feet wide; the pink one is only five feet wide.

I am building out the studio as fast I can on the proverbial shoestring. Very happy to finally get the room cleared enough to hang the backdrops! I want to get the Indiegogo campaign going, but I am hopeful that I can also start booking time here for some cash flow to buy more gear.

Coffee Table

This is the coffee table I’ve been working on, made with salvaged redwood from the demolition of a deck where I was house-sitting.

It was sort of a practice project for the large table I’m building. Designing the bases, testing proportions, planing and sanding, staining, rubbing five coats of Tung Oil into the wood—I’m very happy how it all came out.

The one difference on the big table will be rivers of translucent blue epoxy resin in the cracks and crevices of the table top. They will be stunning.

The table is huge, measuring 12′ x 3 1/2’—I can’t even put it together until we get the forklift out of here!

Jody shows Kiya some ideas for posing

Our first shoot in the warehouse. This upstairs room is going to be an additional shooting area, and probably be used for displaying art. We’ll be laying down some laminate wood flooring and painting, of course … it’ll be a great multi-purpose room!