Another test shot with a great cloth backdrop – a kind of psychedelic rococo pattern – and Blue, the mannequin. I put the banana in there in post.

I finally got the landlord to come over and help move out the display case that was where I want the natural light shooting area to be. I hung a backdrop and shot a picture, top upper right. There is lovely light in the afternoon as well. It seems a little brighter. I can’t wait to get a real photographer in here to do a bunch of test shots. I also hung a grey backdrop in the artificial lighting area & took a picture. For reference, that backdrop is nine feet wide; the pink one is only five feet wide.

I am building out the studio as fast I can on the proverbial shoestring. Very happy to finally get the room cleared enough to hang the backdrops! I want to get the Indiegogo campaign going, but I am hopeful that I can also start booking time here for some cash flow to buy more gear.