{gallery} First pictures from our first photoshoot in the warehouse

Kiya Tiana (model) and Jody Frost (photographer) produced some great work yesterday in the warehouse. I documented the shoot and took a few pictures of Kiya myself (see above). More coming, of course.

We learned a lot about the natural light in the studio – there’s lots of it and we need to think about diffusion screens etc.

A very productive shoot in many ways.

Jody shows Kiya some ideas for posing

Our first shoot in the warehouse. This upstairs room is going to be an additional shooting area, and probably be used for displaying art. We’ll be laying down some laminate wood flooring and painting, of course … it’ll be a great multi-purpose room!

Moving stuff in.

We’ve been cleaning up the space and I’ve been moving stuff in. Can’t wait to get the forklift out of there so I can move the steel plates back into place on the floor.

And then put together and finish the table! I can’t wait.

Working On The Table

I decided the studio needs a beautiful long table, so I am building one out of recycled redwood. I am particularly pleased with the design I came up with for the table bases. As of today, I have half the table top glued together. Doing it right, using a biscuit joiner.

I’m going to move the table in pieces—it will be way too heavy if assemble. I’ll be bolting both halves of the top together and then mounting it onto the bases.

Pixilation Panorama

Down at the studio today, taking measurements for sheetrock and flooring (for the entryway and kitchen areas). Wow, it’s going to be so cool and beautiful. I realized I could seal the beautiful oxidized steel floor (maybe do an acid wash first). With nice throw rugs, the perfect solution.

The warehouse to become Pixilation Studio + Gallery

A lot of work to do, but there is one big open space with great natural light. Plus other rooms. High ceilings, room to move. Plenty to work with.

We will do natural light shoots during the day and bring out the studio lights at night.